Saturday, December 17, 2011


Discover the benefits of professional laser treatments at home with this revolutionary anti-ageing programme. Developed with the makers of Fraxel® laser technology, Philips RéAura encourages a visible improvement in your skin's appearance, reducing fine lines, while helping to restore skin tone, texture and radiance; it also promotes a visible reduction in age and sun spots.
Simultaneously targeting multiple signs of ageing on the face (forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth) and body (neck, chest, arms and hands), RéAura boosts the skin's own collagen production, resulting in a refined complexion and youthful contours.
To help you achieve radiant results with confidence, Philips RéAura combines your treatments with a skin assessment, a personal online treatment guide and exclusive access to a dedicated team of skincare professionals. 
How it works
During the treatment, thousands of microscopic laser beams pass down the epidermis and the dermis. This triggers a natural process of cell renewal. Old and damaged skin cells are replaced with new, fresh skin cells containing more collagen. 

The Philips ReAura isn't exactly cheap at £799, but comparatively it's a bargain, and completely safe to use. Endorsed by leading Harley Street dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting, I predict this will create a huge buzz on the beauty gadget market. Not only does it come with a standard manual, but also a consultation (in store or online) as well as an online support system and calendar reminders.

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